Рейтинг международных научных конференций

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На данной странице представлены рейтинги международных научных конференций по тематике Ресурса MachineLearning.ru.


Неофициальный рейтинг международных научных конференций в области Computer Science

Неофициальный рейтинг приводится по данным сайта Nanyang Technological University.

Ранг 1

Базы данных и знаний

  • SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data
  • CIKM: Intl. Conf on Information and Knowledge Management

Искусственный интеллект и смежные области

  • AAAI: American Association for AI National Conference
  • CVPR: IEEE Conf on Comp Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • IJCAI: Intl Joint Conf on AI
  • ICCV: Intl Conf on Computer Vision
  • ICML: Intl Conf on Machine Learning
  • KDD: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
  • KR: Intl Conf on Principles of KR & Reasoning
  • NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems
  • UAI: Conference on Uncertainty in AI
  • AAMAS: Intl Conf on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (past: ICAA)
  • ACL: Annual Meeting of the ACL (Association of Computational Linguistics)

Алгоритмы и теория

  • STOC: ACM Symp on Theory of Computing
  • FOCS: IEEE Symp on Foundations of Computer Science
  • COLT: Computational Learning Theory
  • LICS: IEEE Symp on Logic in Computer Science
  • SCG: ACM Symp on Computational Geometry
  • SODA: ACM/SIAM Symp on Discrete Algorithms
  • SPAA: ACM Symp on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures
  • ISSAC: Intl. Symp on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
  • CRYPTO: Advances in Cryptology


  • I3DG: ACM-SIGRAPH Interactive 3D Graphics
  • ACM-MM: ACM Multimedia Conference
  • DCC: Data Compression Conf
  • SIGMETRICS: ACM Conf on Meas. & Modelling of Comp Sys
  • SIGIR: ACM SIGIR Conf on Information Retrieval
  • PECCS: IFIP Intl Conf on Perf Eval of Comp \& Comm Sys
  • WWW: World-Wide Web Conference
  • RECOMB: Annual Intl Conf on Comp Molecular Biology
  • ISMB: International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

Ранг 2

Базы данных и знаний

  • DOOD: Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases

Искусственный интеллект и смежные области

  • NAACL: North American Chapter of the ACL
  • AID: Intl Conf on AI in Design
  • AI-ED: World Conference on AI in Education
  • CAIP: Inttl Conf on Comp. Analysis of Images and Patterns
  • CSSAC: Cognitive Science Society Annual Conference
  • ECCV: European Conference on Computer Vision
  • EAI: European Conf on AI
  • EML: European Conf on Machine Learning
  • GECCO: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (used to be GP)
  • IAAI: Innovative Applications in AI
  • ICIP: Intl Conf on Image Processing
  • ICNN/IJCNN: Intl (Joint) Conference on Neural Networks
  • ICPR: Intl Conf on Pattern Recognition
  • ICDAR: International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition
  • ICTAI: IEEE conference on Tools with AI
  • AMAI: Artificial Intelligence and Maths
  • DAS: International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems
  • WACV: IEEE Workshop on Apps of Computer Vision
  • COLING: International Conference on Computational Liguistics
  • EMNLP: Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
  • EACL: Annual Meeting of European Association Computational Lingustics
  • CoNLL: Conference on Natural Language Learning
  • DocEng: ACM Symposium on Document Engineering
  • IEEE/WIC International Joint Conf on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology
  • ICDM - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining

Алгоритмы и теория

  • EUROCRYPT: European Conf on Cryptography
  • CONCUR: International Conference on Concurrency Theory
  • ICALP: Intl Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Prog
  • STACS: Symp on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
  • CC: IEEE Symp on Computational Complexity
  • WADS: Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures
  • MFCS: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • SWAT: Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory
  • ESA: European Symp on Algorithms
  • IPCO: MPS Conf on integer programming & comb optimization
  • LFCS: Logical Foundations of Computer Science
  • ALT: Algorithmic Learning Theory
  • EUROCOLT: European Conf on Learning Theory
  • DSIC: Int'l Symp om Distributed Computing (formally WDAG: Workshop on Distributed Algorithms)
  • ISTCS: Israel Symp on Theory of Computing and Systems
  • ISAAC: Intl Symp on Algorithms and Computation
  • FST&TCS: Foundations of S/W Tech & Theoretical CS
  • LATIN: Intl Symp on Latin American Theoretical Informatics
  • CADE: Conf on Automated Deduction
  • IEEEIT: IEEE Symposium on Information Theory
  • Asiacrypt


  • IEEE Visualization
  • EUROGRAPH: European Graphics Conference
  • CGI: Computer Graphics International
  • CANIM: Computer Animation
  • PG: Pacific Graphics
  • ICME: Intl Conf on MMedia & Expo
  • NOSSDAV: Network and OS Support for Digital A/V
  • PADS: ACM/IEEE/SCS Workshop on Parallel \& Dist Simulation
  • WSC: Winter Simulation Conference
  • ASS: IEEE Annual Simulation Symposium
  • MASCOTS: Symp Model Analysis \& Sim of Comp \& Telecom Sys
  • PT: Perf Tools - Intl Conf on Model Tech \& Tools for CPE
  • NetStore: Network Storage Symposium
  • MMCN: ACM/SPIE Multimedia Computing and Networking
  • JCDL: Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
  • AMIA: American Medical Informatics Annual Fall Symposium
  • DNA: Meeting on DNA Based Computers
  • WABI: Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics

Ранг 3

Искусственный интеллект и смежные области

  • PRICAI: Pacific Rim Intl Conf on AI
  • AAI: Australian National Conf on AI
  • ACCV: Asian Conference on Computer Vision
  • AI*IA: Congress of the Italian Assoc for AI
  • ANNIE: Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering
  • ANZIIS: Australian/NZ Conf on Intelligent Inf. Systems
  • CAIA: Conf on AI for Applications
  • CAAI: Canadian Artificial Intelligence Conference
  • ASADM: Chicago ASA Data Mining Conf: A Hard Look at DM
  • EPIA: Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • FCKAML: French Conf on Know. Acquisition & Machine Learning
  • ICANN: International Conf on Artificial Neural Networks
  • ICCB: International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning
  • ICGA: International Conference on Genetic Algorithms
  • ICONIP: Intl Conf on Neural Information Processing
  • IEA/AIE: Intl Conf on Ind. & Eng. Apps of AI & Expert Sys
  • ICMS: International Conference on Multiagent Systems
  • ICPS: International conference on Planning Systems
  • IWANN: Intl Work-Conf on Art & Natural Neural Networks
  • PACES: Pacific Asian Conference on Expert Systems
  • SCAI: Scandinavian Conference on Artifical Intelligence
  • SPICIS: Singapore Intl Conf on Intelligent System
  • PAKDD: Pacific-Asia Conf on Know. Discovery & Data Mining
  • SMC: IEEE Intl Conf on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
  • PAKDDM: Practical App of Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
  • WCNN: The World Congress on Neural Networks
  • WCES: World Congress on Expert Systems
  • ASC: Intl Conf on AI and Soft Computing
  • PACLIC: Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
  • ICCC: International Conference on Chinese Computing
  • ICADL: International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries
  • RANLP: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing
  • NLPRS: Natural Language Pacific Rim Symposium
  • Meta-Heuristics International Conference


  • MEDINFO: World Congress on Medical Informatics
  • International Conference on Sequences and their Applications
  • ECAIM: European Conf on AI in Medicine
  • APAMI: Asia Pacific Assoc for Medical Informatics Conf
  • INBS: IEEE Intl Symp on Intell. in Neural & Bio Systems

Не отранжированы

  • MCS: Multiple Classifier Systems


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