Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications/2016

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The 11-th International Conference on Intelligent Data Processing: Theory and Applications is held in Barcelona, Spain on October 10-14, 2016.

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This is the preview version of the program and it may be changed!

Monday, October 10 [9:30–11:30]

  1. 09:30 Svetlana Velikanova, Konstantin Vorontsov, Xavier Mayo, Jordi Puignero Opening Remarks
  2. 10:00 Angie Ma (ASI Data Science)
    Practical machine learning for businesses
  3. 10:30 Sina Sohangir (Snapchat)
    Big Data Platform and Analytics at Snapchat, a next generation social network in the making
  4. 11:00 Jordi Puiggali (Scytl)
    Citizen privacy and secrecy challenges in government Open Data

Monday, October 10 [12:00–13:30]

  1. 12:00 Amir Youssefi (PayPal)
    Big Data: past experiences, current trends and future possibilities
  2. 12:30 Victor Lempitsky (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
    Image Synthesis with Deep Neural Networks
  3. 13:00 Leonid Zhukov (Boston Consulting Group)
    Machine Intelligence in Industry 4.0

Monday, October 10 [15:00–16:30]

  1. 15:00 Pier Paolo Rossi (Banc Sabadell)
    Case of Big Data in Banc Sabadell, resulting in €10 Million of incremental incomes
  2. 15:30 Michael Levin (Yandex Data Factory)
    Unlocking the Value of Machine Learning for Business
  3. 16:00 Davide Consiglio (Boston Consulting Group)
    Latest advanced analytics trends across Europe

Monday, October 10 [17:00–18:30]

  1. 17:00 Jane Zavalishina (Yandex Data Factory), Davide Consiglio (BCG), Andrey Kutovoy (VTB), Pier Paolo Rossi (Banc Sabadell)
    Machine Learning for Banks
  2. 18:00 Kamran Elahian (500 Startups / Berkeley Haas BIT-Amena)
    Algorithmic thinking vs Out of the box thinking

Tuesday, October 11 [9:30–11:30]

  1. 09:30 Vadim Strijov (MIPT)
    Model selection for time series forecasting
  2. 10:00 Paolo Rosso (Universitat Politècnica de València)
    Mining Intelligent Information in Twitter: Detecting Irony and Sarcasm
  3. 10:30 Boris Polyak (Institute for Control Science of RAS)
    Robust Principal Component Analysis
  4. 11:00 Alessandra Staglianò (ASI Data Science)
    Detecting Anomalies in the Real World

Tuesday, October 11 [12:00–13:30]

Section A

  1. 12:00 Sima Yazdani (Cisco)
    Benefiting Local Talent Markets using Knowledge Networks & Cognitive Surplus
  2. 12:30 Yannis Ghazouani (Dataiku)
    Labelling images using transfer learning. An application to recommender system
  3. 13:00 Flavio Soarez (Soares & Vacite)
    Blockchain on intellectual property: Legal issues

Section В

  1. 12:00 Paolo Rosso
    (EN) Mining demographic information in social media: age, gender, and personality
  2. 12:20 Ignatov Dmitry, Gizdatullin Danil, Mitrofanova Ekaterina, Muratova Anna, Baixeries Jaume
    (EN) Pattern-based classification of demographic sequences
  3. 12:40 Dvoenko Sergey, Pshenichny Denis
    (EN) Feature Grouping Based on the Optimal Sequence of Correlation Matrix Minors
  4. 13:00 Vladimirova Maria, Strijov Vadim
    (EN) Bagging of Neural Networks in Multitask Classification of Biological Acivity for Nuclear Receptors

Tuesday, October 11 [15:00–16:40]

Section A

  1. 15:00 Alexander Isakov (Pallantius)
    Data Compass: Finding Your Way with Analytics
  2. 15:30 Yegor Budnikov (ABBYY)
    ABBYY COMPRENO: Technologies of Semantic Analysis and Information Extraction
  3. 16:00 Konstantin Mertsalov (Rational Enterprise)
    Managing Unstructured Data in the Enterprise

Section В. Biometrics

  1. 15:00 Efimov Yuriy, Matveev Ivan
    (EN) Iris image segmentation by paired gradient method with pupil border refinement
  2. 15:20 Matveev Ivan, Talipov Kamil
    (EN) Eyelids and eyelash detection based on clusterization of vector of local features
  3. 15:40 Odinokikh Gleb, Gnatyuk Vitaly, Korobkin Mikhail, Eremeev Vladimir
    (EN) Eyelid Position Detection Method for Mobile Iris Recognition
  4. 16:00 Solomatin Ivan, Matveev Ivan, Novik Vladimir
    (EN) Detecting visible areas of iris by qualifier of textures with support set
  5. 16:20 Chigrinskiy Viktor, Efimov Yuriy, Matveev Ivan
    (EN) Fast algorithm for determining pupil and iris boundaries

Tuesday, October 11 [17:00–18:40]

Section A

  1. 17:00 Pouya Tafti (Allianz)
    Big Business meets Big Data, a personal perspective
  2. 18:00 Christian Palau Sanz (Red Arbor)
    Challenges and new opportunities that Big Data is giving to the industry of the job classifieds

Section В. Time Series and Biomedical Signal Analysis

  1. 17:20 Sushkova Olga, Morozov Alexei, Gabova Alexandra, Bugaev Alexandr
    (EN) A statistically significant decrease of the quantity of beta wave packets in de novo Parkinson's disease
  2. 17:40 Florinsky Igor, Pankratov Anton
    (EN) On the role of the Fejér summation in terrain modeling
  3. 18:00 Rykunov Stanislav, Boyko Anna, Sychev Vyacheslav, Ustinin Mikhail, Rykunova Elena
    (EN) Partial spectroscopy of the human brain spontaneous activity
  4. 18:20 Goncharov Alexey, Strijov Vadim
    (EN) Warping path for continuous time series alignment

Thursday, October 13 [9:30–11:30]

Section A. Linear Predictive Models

  1. 9:30 Mottl Vadim, Seredin Oleg
    (RU) A generalized linear approach to estimation of dependences from empirical data
  2. 9:50 Seredin Oleg, Mottl Vadim
    (RU) Methods of embedding real-world entities into a linear space for implementing the generalized linear approach to dependence estimation
  3. 10:10 Turkov Pavel, Krasotkina Olga, Mottl Vadim
    (RU) Estimation of arbitrary nonstationary dependences in a linear observation space
  4. 10:30 Krasotkina Olga, Vadim Mottl, Elena Chernousova
    (RU) Model volatility verification in problems of non-stationary dependence estimation
  5. 10:50 Malenichev Anton, Krasotkina Olga, Mottl Vadim
    (RU) Quick methods of online learning for generalized linear models of arbitrary dependences

Section В. Text Analysis and Information Retrieval

  1. 9:30 Vorontsov Konstantin, Apishev Murat, Koltsov Sergei, Koltsova Olessia, Nikolenko Sergey
    (RU) Additively Regularized Topic Model for Searching Ethnical Discourse in Social Media
  2. 9:50 Chirkova Nadezhda, Vorontsov Konstantin
    (EN) Additive Regularization for Hierarchical Multimodal Topic Modeling
  3. 10:10 Filchenkov Andrey, Smelik Nikolay
    (EN) Multimodal topic model for texts and images utilizing their embeddings
  4. 10:30 Ianina Anastasia, Vorontsov Konstantin
    (RU) Multimodal topic modeling for exploratory search in collective blog
  5. 10:50 Mikhaylov Dmitry, Kozlov Aleksandr, Emelyanov Gennady
    (RU) Coupling strength of words and estimation of text relevance to unit of knowledge in open tests

Thursday, October 13 [12:00–13:20]

Section A. Linear Predictive Models

  1. 12:00 Nedel'ko Victor
    (RU) Investigation of effectiveness of several linear classifiers
  2. 12:20 Mottl Vadim, Levdik Pavel, Krasotkina Olga
    (RU) ‎Evidence evaluation for trainable models of arbitrary dependences: A generalized linear approach
  3. 12:40 Levdik Pavel, Mottl Vadim, Krasotkina Olga, Tatarchuk Alexander
    (RU) Numerical evidence evaluation for generalized linear dependence models

Section B. Text Analysis. Speech Analysis and Recognition

  1. 12:00 Romanov Alexey, Khritankov Anton
    (RU) Candidate Document Retrieval for Cross-Lingual Plagiarism Detection
  2. 12:20 Chuvilin Kirill
    (RU) Parametric approach to the construction of syntax trees for partially formalized text documents
  3. 12:40 Kalyan Viktor, Kalyan Anastasia
    (RU) The choice of decisions at recognition of emotions on the speech
  4. 13:00 Miroshnichenko Lubov, Bakhmutova Irina, Gusev Vladimir, Titkova Tatyana
    (RU) Comparison and integration of approaches to deciphering of ancient Russian hymnals

Thursday, October 13 [15:00–16:40]

Section A. Discrete Optimization and Computational Complexity

  1. 15:00 Galashov Alexandr, Kel'manov Alexander
    (RU) An exact pseudopolynomial-time algorithm for a problem of finding a family of disjoint subsets
  2. 15:20 Gimadi Edward
    (RU) Implementation of the asymptotically optimal approach to polynomial time solving some hard discrete optimization problems of rooting, assigning, covering, and clustering
  3. 15:40 Kel'manov Alexander
    (RU) On some clustering problems: Complexity and efficient algorithms with performance garantees
  4. 16:00 Pyatkin Artem, Eremeev Anton, Kel'manov Alexander
    (RU) On searching for a vectors subset with the minimum normalized squared sum length
  5. 16:20 Khandeev Vladimir, Kel'manov Alexander, Mikhailova Ludmila, Khamidullin Sergey
    (RU) An approximation algorithm for one NP-hard problem of partitioning a sequence into clusters with restrictions on their cardinalities

Section В. Image Analysis and Recognition

  1. 15:00 Dvoenko Sergey, Dang Thanh
    (EN) Removing of combined noise in raster images
  2. 15:20 Vishnyakov Boris, Sidyakin Sergey, Roslov Nikolay, Vizilter Yuri
    (RU) Change detection in the sequences of images in complex scenes
  3. 15:40 Gorbatsevich Vladimir, Vizilter Yuri, Vorotnikov Andrew, Kostromov Nikita
    (RU) Real-Time Face Identification via CNN and Boosted Hashing Forest
  4. 16:00 Murashov Dmitry
    (RU) Application of information-theoretical performance criterion for image segmentation
  5. 16:20 Fedotov Nikolay, Syemov Aleksey, Moiseev Alexandr
    (RU) New method for three-dimensional images intelligent analysis and recognition: Description and examples

Thursday, October 13 [17:00–19:00]

Section A. Applied Systems

  1. 17:00 Beklaryan Levon, Akopov Andranik, Beklaryan Armen, Saghatelyan Armen
    (RU) Agent-based simulation modeling for regional ecological-economic systems. A case study of the Republic of Armenia
  2. 17:20 Volkov Yuriy, Bogdanov Vladimir, Miroshnichenko Valery, Salienko Alexander
    (RU) Calculation of parameters of model hydraulic turbine by value of the specific speed
  3. 17:40 Ilyasova Nataly, Kupriyanov Alexandr, Paringer Rustam
    (RU) Particular usage characteristics of BIG DATA in medical diagnostics tasks
  4. 18:00 Marukhina Olga, Mokina Elena, Shagarova Maria, Dubinina Irina
    (RU) Applying data mining techniques when making medical diagnostic decisions
  5. 18:20 Sychugov Alexey, Rudnev Dmitry
    (RU) Analysis of the security of distributed information systems based on featureless pattern recognition
  6. 18:40 Morozov Alexei, Sushkova Olga, Polupanov Alexander
    (RU) Incorporation of Distributed Multi-Agent Programming Means in a Strongly Typed Logic Language

Section В. Brain Signal Analysis

  1. 17:00 Antsiperov Viacheslav, Obukhov Yury
    (RU) Analysis of brain structures hypersynchronization during the epileptic discharges on the basis of conical kernel representations of electroencephalogram signal
  2. 17:20 Butorina Anna, Litvak Vladimir
    (RU) Use of spectral analysis and Random Field Theory for MEG data analysis
  3. 17:40 Kershner Ivan, Obukhov Yury, Komoltsev Ilya
    (RU) Detection algorithm of epileptic discharges and sleep spindles in rats in early posttraumatic period
  4. 18:00 Maliuta Inna, Obukhov Konstantin, Obukhov Yury
    (RU) The classification method of sleep spindels and epilepsy seizures in EEG after traumatic brain injury
  5. 18:20 Manilo Ludmila, Nemirko Anatolii
    (RU) Multiple discriminant analysis for recognition of biosignals in frequency domain
  6. 18:40 Obukhov Konstantin, Maliuta Inna, Obukhov Yury
    (RU) Classification of early stage Parkinson's disease based on electroencephalography feature set

Friday, October 14 [9:30–11:30]

Section A. Machine Learning

  1. 9:30 Lange Mikhail
    (RU) Information criterion for comparison of metric classifiers in ensemble of sources
  2. 9:50 Manilo Ludmila, Nemirko Anatolii
    (RU) Reduction of feature space dimension based on separability criterion
  3. 10:10 Motrenko Anastasia
    (EN) Sample size estimation in classification problems
  4. 10:30 Pushnyakov Alexey
    (RU) Interdependence of clusters measures and distance distribution in compact metric spaces
  5. 10:50 Yankovskaya Anna, Dementyev Yury, Yamshanov Artem, Lyapunov Danil
    (RU) Prediction of Students' Learning Results with Usage of Mixed Diagnostic Tests and 2-simplex Prism

Section В. Airspace image analysis

  1. 9:30 Ignatiev Vladimir, Matveev Ivan, Murynin Alexander, Trekin Alexey
    (EN) Image quality evaluation for resampling methods based on spatial spectrum extrapolation
  2. 9:50 Murynin Alexander, Bondur Valery, Gordo Kristina
    (RU) Satellite imagery processing methods for the estimation of trace gas and aerosol emissions due to wildfires
  3. 10:10 Ignatiev Vladimir, Murynin Alexander, Matveev Ivan, Trekin Alexey
    (RU) Object-oriented classification for recognition of earth surface in Arctic ecosystems
  4. 10:30 Murynin Alexander, Bondur Valery, Ignatiev Vladimir
    (RU) Parameters optimization in the problem of sea-wave spectra recovery by airspace images

Friday, October 14 [12:00–13:20]

Section A. Machine Learning

  1. 12:00 Aduenko Aleksandr, Strijov Vadim
    (EN) Feature space analysis for multimodel selection
  2. 12:20 Ishkina Shaura
    (RU) Approximation of combinatorial generalization bounds for threshold classifiers
  3. 12:40 Ostapets Andrey
    (RU) Decision rules for ensembled probabilistic classifier chain for multi-label classification
  4. 13:00 Efimova Valeria, Filchenkov Andrey, Shalyto Anatoly
    (EN) Reinforcement-based Simultaneous Classification Model and its Hyperparameters Selection

Section В. Bioinformatics

  1. 12:00 Kulikova Liudmila, Tikhonov Dmitrii, Efimov Aleksandr
    (RU) Statistical analysis of the internal distances of helical pairs in protein molecules
  2. 12:20 Nazipova Nafisa, Chaley Mariya, Kutyrkin Vladimir, Tulbasheva Gayane, Teplukhina Elena
    (RU) Automated technology for revealing latent periodicities in DNA sequences
  3. 12:40 Sulimova Valentina, Seredin Oleg, Mottl Vadim
    (EN) Construction metrics for biomolecular sequences

Friday, October 14 [15:00–16:40]

Section A. Morphological Image Processing

  1. 15:00 Lomov Nikita, Sidyakin Sergey, Vizilter Yury
    (RU) Classification of two-dimensional figures using skeleton-geodesic histograms of thicknesses and distances
  2. 15:20 Mestetskiy Leonid, Lomov Nikita
    (RU) Recognition of digital fonts from images based on the disk cover
  3. 15:40 Gracheva Inessa, Kopylov Andrey, Seredin Oleg, Kushnir Olesia, Larin Alexander
    (EN) Background-Invariant Robust Hand Detection Using One Class Color Segmentation and Skeleton Description
  4. 16:00 Lebedev Maksim, Kostromov Nikita, Rubis Aleksey, Komarov Denis, Vygolov Oleg, Vizilter Yuri
    (RU) Morphological image matching using deep convolutional neural networks
  5. 16:20 Fedotova Sofia, Seredin Oleg, Kushnir Olesia
    (RU) The Algorithms of Adjustment of Reflection Symmetry Axis Found by the Skeleton Primitive Sub-Chains Comparison Method

Section В. Signal and Time Series Analysis

  1. 15:00 Neychev Radoslav, Motrenko Anastasia, Isachenko Roman, Strijov Vadim
    (EN) Multimodel forecasting multiscale time series in Internet of Things
  2. 15:20 Starozhilets Vsevolod, Chehovich Yuriy
    (RU) Aggregation of data from different sources in traffic flow tasks
  3. 15:40 Zharkikh Aleksandr, Gorbunov Aleksei
    (RU) Presentation of software tool for embedding and extracting hidden messages in audio files

Friday, October 14 [17:00–18:30]

  1. 17:00 Ustinin Mikhail, Rykunov Stanislav, Boyko Anna, Sychev Vyacheslav
    (EN) Frequency-pattern data analysis to estimate the functional structure of the human body from external magnetic field
  2. 17:30 Gornov Alexander, Zarodnyuk Tatiana, Anikin Anton, Finkelstein Evgeniya
    (RU) Algorithms and computational technology for extremum search in optimal control problems
  3. 18:00 Rudakov Konstantin, Torshin Ivan
    (RU) On metric spaces arising during formalization of problems of recognition and classification: Properties of compactness

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